Friday, May 21, 2010

A girl prepared

a great graduation; the valedictorian's speech was spot on, too.

Onward and Upward, L! The Oberlin Big Book of Forms was awaiting us in the PO box, as was an alumna sticker from school! Changes in the works, for sure.

Plus, my little handbook from River Cottage, Edible Seashore, about foraging at the edge, came too. I need to get myself to England soon. Finances need shaping up, though.


Betty Carlson said...

I love the white graduation gowns. Mine were first blue, and then black.

Congratulations to you and to L.

Megan said...

I remember that day! Congrats to L and good luck with the summer job. On to Ohioooooooo!

deedee said...

Felicitations à L. Je lui souhaite un très bon avenir!

e said...

L looks beautiful; on to better things!

Where in England are planning to visit?