Sunday, January 07, 2007

cookbooks, again

I'm half-writing this, half-listening to The Splendid Table over the Internet. Lynne's talking to someone who's de-cookbooked her library to focus it on what she's really interested in. Hmm. I'll have to give this a deeper listen.

They discussed Jamie's Dinners (which I have and use), and a book I haven't thought about for years, though I used to take it out of the library when I was in high school (!), My Favorite Things, by Dorothy Rogers, which is/was a kind of pre–Martha Stewart lifestyle/decorating/cooking book. Why, as a high school student, was I interested in this? I guess I wanted that oh-so-modern house . . .

They also mentioned was The Balthazar Cookbook; I'll have to take a look at this. And a publisher who's reprinting some interesting French and Australian books, Ici La Press. Then Michel Richard came on to talk about his newest book; darn, I de-cookbooked him last year.


Church was rather full today. Mother J in quite a good mood. We had a great art history lesson in adult Sunday school, given by a teenager and his father, so L, having studied some of the paintings, had a better time than she would have normally. Two more of these sessions, then on to a viewing/discussion of An Inconvenient Truth.

A blogger who has a wonderful spirit, Britt-Arnhild, has a new food blog, which I will be visiting on a regular basis.

Any food related links you'd like to share?


herhimnbryn said...

I would like to introduce you to a local West Australian chap who writes about food, local produce and eating out. He can be found at....
. Thanks agian for your comment at my place.

angela said...

I like Rick Stein but you can't get to his best stuff on internet, you have to buy the books.
Orinally he cooked only fish and he did that fabulously: a personal favourite is the salmon fillets in champagne.
H. cooks the fish and he regards RS's books as his bible.
Good luck,

deedee said...

There are a lot of food related links out there, but I'm terrible in that I just google whatever food item I want to cook and up comes hundreds of recipes.

paris parfait said...

I read today that the Parisienne woman who writes the Chocolate and Zucchini blog has a cookbook coming out in May. And we have the Balthazar cookbook at our place, which is great! But there never seems to be enough time to use all these cookbooks - the idea of giving away the ones you don't really use is a good one - but then what if someday you're suddenly inspired to try something different and wish you still had that cookbook? Sigh. It's a constant dilemma, particularly with a small space.

Glad you saw An Inconvenient Truth. And Britt's food blog/her Blue Cafe just makes me want to get on a plane to Norway!

Anonymous said...

When I read your post, it made me smile, because I have many cook books too, but I use only very old book from my mother. Last week my pregnant daughter wanted something,which was made by her grandmother, my mother.I could not find this my mother`s recipe, I use Google and this old
recipe came at first from there. I was surprised, and my daughter was happy (- until caused to vomit)

This URL is a general view from Finnish food.


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