Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This morning

I cleaned up a sink full of dishes, including the oatmeal saucepan, emptied ALL the wastebaskets, entered the disaster area that is L's room, stripped her bed, started a hot wash, put away malingering Christmas decorations (plus some shoes that I KNOW will strectch), let the cat in out in out, retrieved yoga stuff from bowels of closet (am determined to do this every day, not just on yoga class day—practice yoga, that is, not just retrieve stuff), made firm resolve to empty all closets and turn them into pristine gems in which a person could retreat and live, just like on TV (!), remade L's bed, threw away quite a lot of junk which will never be missed from L's floor, and it's only quarter to eight!

Also pondered this: can 6 or so women run a business collectively? More on this in future. We are going as a group to a knit-in, in another city, and staying overnight! Much excitement brewing.


angela said...

Good luck with your business venture. I'll be wishing you luck and sending you positive thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Well you do sound busy, 6 women running a business sounds exciting, interested to learn more.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Can six women doing business together? Yes yes yes yes yes yes!