Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Six degrees of weirdness . . .

I've been tagged by Sandi at the Whistlestop to come out from under my shell and tell six weird things about myself. Well, I don't know whether they'll be weird:

1. In elementary school, I began and ended each year attending a one-room schoolhouse in New England. The middle of the year I spent in a giant many-classroomed school in suburbia. It was quite a transition every year. One of my teachers (which one?) blamed the fact that I had trouble with number lines on this back and forth.

2. Large animals make me nervous; I'd rather have a cat around any day. They won't step on you accidentally.

3. I'd rather read a cookbook than a novel (at least at the moment). Especially a cookbook that is episodic and evocative of a certain place or time.

4. Novelty yarns drive me crazy.

5. We moved to our present location after visiting it on vacation. We went home, put our house on the market (thinking it would take a year), and sold it within a week. Kaboom. Here we are.

6. I've yet to finish a Kaffe Fassett needlepoint pillowtop of Swiss chard—and I began it about 17 years ago. This might tell you something about my pile of UFOs. And why my closets need sorting out.

And now I'll tag Angela, Carolyn, and Mimmu and leave it up to any other three who happen by here post six things and let me know!


Anonymous said...

Okay I'm really going to have to do this one I've been tagged twice. Will give it some serious thought and let you know when I've posted - I mean I don't want to scare everone away with my wierdness do I?

Anonymous said...

Not so weird after all! I have a pile of UFO's myself, and have been known to tear them apart and use the yarn on something new.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for "tagging" me.
I did not understand at first , what does it mean, but now I have got a pretty good idea. But you have to wait for my answer - we have now a bath room repairs and the enormous mess in the house! I read Angela`s post and it made me to smile - we are "in same boat".
Nice remodeling to you too:)
By the way, can you see my posts after my playing with HTML in layout. I have done a mess also in it, I am afraid!

deedee said...

You're not too weird. I have a 27 year old rug I need to finish, it's followed me around, maybe this will be the year.

angela said...

I'll accept the challenge. I'm fed up with the building stuff so am taking a weekend off.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound too weird to me. Amazing how you moved after visiting the place on holiday! Some things are just meant to be.