Sunday, January 14, 2007


L and I went to Sunday school. This was the second of three overviews of scenes from the Bible in Renaissance art, presented by a teenager and his dad. This boy is quite a good artist, himself, already, having shown at a gallery. And for L and the other kids, it made everything more interesting to have a peer up there. Anyway, it was great to see all of this art that I'd studied in college, back in the Stone Age (I have my Renaissance art book by Creighton Gilbert, costing all of $15.95!!). Looking at the art made the whole much more present, and the homily much more immediate. I'll spend the afternoon looking through my art history books, trying to find the images we looked at this morning, and reading Will in the World, a great book about Shakespeare.

I liked getting out with just L, today, too. Sometimes having a "just us" jaunt give me a little breathing room, and I can focus more intently on what's going on with us and around us.

Yesterday, I passed up an opportunity to get out and begin to learn to spin, which is something I've been wanting to do for some time. I even have a spinning wheel, sitting waiting for me. My knitting group is coalescing into more of a fiber group; it's getting me very excited again about all my UFOs!


Anonymous said...

There is really so much good religious art. Would love to hear more about when you saw.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually very fond of Biblical art and Shakespear, spinning I don't know about.