Monday, January 29, 2007


we loaded the cello into the car and took off down the hill, so L could audition for the spring orchestra workshop and concert. Naturally, we got there very early, but L kept practicing the two lines she (and everyone else) had to play as part of the audition. Let me tell you, she and I are pretty sick of those two lines of music. She had to play the G scale and sight read a piece (and probably something else--I never listen, you know). We also saw some old friends from her old school, the one we tried to hang onto going to, it being a public magnet school, but academics just weren't there (sigh).

Finally, her group was called and they filed away into the bowels of the school. These auditions are blind, and the participants may not even speak, so the judges are sure they won't recognize anyone. She came out, sighing that she had "zoned out" on the audition.

Later, her music teacher called to say she got 4th chair, and there was not much point difference between 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, so she is feeling pretty happy! We know S, who is the principal, and she blows people away with her playing--not to mention she can do a 3-octave scale!

Then, L got ready to go to a school dance and spend the night at a friend's house, so we watched the movie Cache, which had one shocking scene, but which really brought up some issues in France. I know I've seen the main actor in other things, but what?


Anonymous said...

All good news! That's great! Congratulations.

deedee said...

That takes me back to highschool and memories of auditions for the state band, oh the stress!

I haven't seen that movie, but the actor is in a lot of french films. And yes, it brings up a bad event in recent french hisory.

Anonymous said...

Three of my kids used to play violin, so I think I know what you are talking about :-)

angela said...

Auditions: what a nightmare but am so glad she was accepted.
Daniel Auteuil, the lead has starred in many French films. I haven't seen this one as it sounds too stressful for me!

BabelBabe said...

oh, congratulations!

we are doing the public magnet school thing now, and worrying about the academics and the gifted program and ...oh god, we should just move to the suburbs. did you go private, or suburban?

Anonymous said...

Babelbabe, we went the private route and while it is an amazing education, it is amazingly expensive. Keep very involved in your magnet's administration.