Monday, November 19, 2007


With all my pie activity yesterday, something must have kicked my baking gene into gear. I decided this morning to do everyone a favor around here and make cookies.

I went over to Smitten Kitchen and found these. But I didn't have pecans, and I had some chocolate chips that were swirled with white chocolate. So I substituted the walnuts for the pecans and threw in the swirled chips. A great cookie, but something about them makes me want to put in dried cherries . . .

However, they came out looking just like Deb's!

* * *

It sure doesn't feel like Thanksgiving week today; it's supposed to be 70 degrees F this afternoon. I need some brisk, breath-revealing crispness to get me excited. We've been invited to a friend's house, but I think I really want to skip all of the cooking and, dare I say it, go to a restaurant. What is more freeing than arriving, having someone else bring out your food, and, when it's all over and done, get up from the table and just leave! No "Here are all the sides I made at my house for you!" No "Here, let me do the dishes." No, just a simple car ride home. Sounds good to me . .


julia said...

How about I come over and cook your Thanksgiving dinner for you?
After reading so many blogs about this so-American celebration I am so envious of you guys!

Anonymous said...

The children have school today and tomorrow and then hopefully it will feel a bit more 'seasonal' if only in my mind.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the restaurant thing. Cooking is so 10 years ago (when my kids were young and I had no choice).

Linda said...

I'm having Thanksgiving with some American friends. It doesn't feel the same but it's better than nothing.