Saturday, November 24, 2007


photo source: photos/autumn2005/

It was so nice to get out. D went out first, and I felt guilty, seeing him toiling by himself. So I grabbed my (hand knit, ahem) sweater and a rake and tackled the leaves by the kitchen door. I'd forgotten how satisfying it is to create a pile and drag it off, leaving a (well, an almost) pristine patch. L, after a bit of prodding, got into the act, carrying away tarp-fulls as I raked them up.

Here, we can rake the leaves (or dump them) into huge banks at the edge of the road, and someone from the town comes by in an orange truck and hoovers them up. But their schedule is a mystery, so perhaps we will be raking the same leaves back up into a pile again.

I remember my father raking them into a pile and burning them; I miss that smoky smell of autumn in the suburbs . . . And of course, nowadays, I could do without the annoying roar of the leaf blower.


quintarantino said...

A very nice leaves carpet.

Anonymous said...

Raking, dressed in a handknitted sweather. Sounds perfect.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful autumnal photo

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Such gorgeous leaves! I love the smell of them burning too :)

Anonymous said...

This is one photo I didn't take! I've added the source.


Catherine said...

It's still a nice photo! Your very lucky you can rake your leaves and some one pics them up and takes them away, we are surrounded by national forest...leaves, leaves, & more leave's!! :) I read on the internet that one Oak tree can have over 200,000 leaves..:O~We are surrounded by Oaks,& Popular's, & Maples...just to name a few!! You should post a pic of your hand knitted sweater..:D
You have a very nice site!