Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Why is it, do you think, that bacon can so satisfactorily fill any spiritual void? Especially when combined with prosaic peas from the deep freeze . . .


Anonymous said...

Bacon - hi, hii!!
But seriously, in Finland TV is today
showed how badly pigs and broilers are doing in an industrial meet production. I could not eat any meet today, I am not sure, can I eat it at all after seeing those pictures.
Good feelings to you!

blackbird said...

With some pasta? And fresh ricotta?

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know but the smell of bacon cooking sure does make one hungry!

lettuce said...

bacon is indeed gift.

this made me smile


Anonymous said...

Ditto to Blackbird.

I think you post would make for good lyrics, very rap and hip sounding ;)

irene said...

I could have bacon three times a day. every day of the week.