Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I went down to Studio C today and wove, had a spinning lesson (I'm still not there yet, but I'm getting more consistent results), and visited with M.

L was home with teenager-itis; I think she needed one more day of rest, frankly. The View was its usual can't-look-away mess, so of course L and I watched it. Joan Rivers: yikes. Mario Cantone: why?

I have to dump all the hundreds of photos from my camera so I can take some more. I'll post a picture of my weaving (first project on the loom in almost 20 years, so be kind . . .).

Other than making chicken tonight, I have passed through an eventless day!


Anonymous said...

Waiting patiently ::tapping fingers:: to see your weaving!

Linda said...

Sometimes I miss American TV-or think I do-until I get back to the States. I do like some of the new shows at night, the cooking shows and redecorating shows, sometime Oprah but most of it seems so hallow and pointless. I never could get into The View. I think my mind is doing better without American TV-unless you count TV shows that are 20 years old dubbed into French. I certainly do alot more reading without it.

lettuce said...

yes, me too....

glad you're getting the hang of the spinning.
(plying is great too - and easier and quicker)

quintarantino said...

We are waiting patiently... to see you showing your skills.