Wednesday, November 28, 2007


here, working at my desk, longing to get out.

This morning's yoga was quite a workout. I tried to put it out there that I want to discover what it is I'm supposed to be doing here on earth. Surely it can't be this?

I won't be able to get to the studio today; maybe tomorrow . . .


Anonymous said...

Your purpose, 'the' purpose, is to create, no?

Anonymous said...

It helps,if you think, that most important purpose is meaning today and tomorrow :

cope with,
make it,
clear up,
land on one's feet,
give a good account of oneself,
fare (in sth),
get out of,
escape alive ,
manage ,
get away with,
get over

These words I found, when I was looking up a right word.
I think, we need all those variations in our living here on the earth :)
I wish everything good things to you, Beth!