Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More dental

Thinking about my tooth brings to mind things various hygienists/dentists have told/asked me over the years:

I'm on the verge of periodontal disease.

I'm a wonderful flosser.

Do I know how to floss?

I have an arthritic jaw.

Have any persons in my family ever lost their teeth? [this one truly gave me pause]

My gums bleed.

My gums don't bleed.

I need a crown right away on my upper left molar.

I don't need to think about a crown on my upper left molar.

If I keep flossing the way I do, I'm in danger of exposing some roots, causing me much pain.

I wonder what to think of all this rather conflicting information . . .


Jay said...

With such confused people, maybe losing them all wouldn't be such a bad thing.

blackbird said...

Ignore it.

Linda said...

I hate dentists too due to bad teeth and many fillings. I wish I'd known about flossing when I was young. I am told-by American dentists-that the French dentists aren't any good. I'm not sure about that, but they sure don't cost as much.

quintarantino said...

I'm with Blackbird, ignore it...

Anonymous said...

Haven't been to the dentist since 2000. I floss, clean 3 times a day and to the tarter scrape thing once a week. So far, so good. I got tired of them telling me to get my teeth capped. No cavities and I like my weird little peg teeth. Why should I want to look like the Hollyweirdo's?
But, I would do something if the promise of more pain is forthcoming by not doing anything. I hate long term pain worse then the Dentist.

deedee said...

I have been told the same thing about peridontal disease. What? I say, but I have good teeth. I hate going to the dentist, berck as they say in France.