Friday, November 23, 2007

day after

Well, L and I met up with Stacie, P, and M at a Japanese sushi restaurant. Only Stacie was a pro; the rest of us stuck with tempura. Very convivial; I did try some of Stacie's and liked it. And Stacie surprised us by treating all of us to lunch!

Then a quick tour around a few galleries, one of which Stacie is part of. After that, we went over the river (though not through any woods) to see what was up at another gallery. Very busy; not much parking and Stacie whirled away. Unfamiliar with the territory, she ended up back across the river, and decided to buckle down and go down to her studio.

Even though I didn't cook, I'm still tired. It must be the start of the whole merry-go-round, the center of which is Christmas. I'm sticking with my plans, so tomorrow begins some creating!


Anonymous said...

Yes it's just a run down to Christmas although we have 3 family birthdays inbetween.

You certainly didn't find me out shopping today, no crowds for me.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I've never tried sushi either. What was it like?

Linda said...

I've tried sushi and can't get past the raw fish thing. I love tempura though. Nice change from turkey.