Saturday, November 03, 2007


I was disappointed to find, during one of my insomniac sojourns last night (or early this morning . . .) that one of my favorite bloggers has decided to switch her focus. She is shutting down her blog in favor of her hardbound journal. She has used her blog to explore different kinds of writing and moods, and I always look forward to seeing the little (1) next to her blog's title on my bookmarks page.

But I can understand the lure of the actual page; I had hoped that the blog would be an outlet for me to expand my writing, but so far, it has not been the venue for me I had hoped. I pretty much sit down, and just write diary fashion, but that doesn't really give enough time for true refection. I'll see what transpires this month, in which I'm forcing myself to write something every day.

Saturdays can be busy, but they can also be a place/time to curl up for half a moment to think about things. I'm getting my little Moleskine out, and writing there, too.


sonia a. mascaro said...

I just dropping by to say hello and thanks for your comment on my blog and see that Herhimnbryn will close her blog. I will miss her so much, too.

Have a nice weekend!

herhimnbryn said...

Ah, thankyou tt for your kind words.

The lure of the Moleskin huh? So handy to carry with one.

Take care.

lettuce said...

oh no. I've only recently discovered herhimnbryn and will miss her...

i hope to keep up reasonably with reading your one-a-days.

Anonymous said...

You're right. A screen will never replace pen and papaer. I always write my blog entries down first and type them up later. So much for technology!

Anonymous said...

I just pooper over to the blog in question and have to say that I fully understand how she feels. Sometimes I wonder what on earth I'm doing blogging, maybe it's an addiction.