Wednesday, November 15, 2006

cold, wet, and rainy

Today it's better to be in than out, so I'm getting caught up on my work and ordering gift cards (done!) for S, BIL, and Ns. Hope they like where they're being sent to shop.

And I certainly don't want to go out in this weather; not that I can, without borrowing D's key. I've recently mislaid my car key (twice), my watch, the TV remote, my cell phone, and my passport. (I think this may have something to do with the subject of the poem found here.) I've found my key once, but now it's missing again; I just found the remote after several weeks' time of its visiting the space between the bottom of my mattress and the footboard; the cell phone was under the car seat (perhaps key is there?); passport was attached to its renewal form under a stack on my desk.

Maybe I'll start writing little notes to myself on scraps of paper, like my grandmother did, and forget where I've put them . . .

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