Saturday, November 11, 2006

My morning thus far

On my way to do my altar guild duty, I was almost sideswiped. I was lucky; the other driver saw me in time and stopped. But still.

Otherwise, it was a wild, rainy, windy drive down the hill, with the leaves swirling down in front of me and dancing under the wheels of the other cars. At church, there was a group praying on this Veterans Day, so we went about our setup quietly. We have a nice rhythm and routine as we get the church ready for Sunday. The presence light creaks down on its metal cord and is doused, then is replaced and cranks up again.

The only annoying aspect to altar guild is that the hymn numbers are not big enough for their slots on the hymn boards and flutter down to the floor as soon as they are put in place. Someone bakes our Communion bread, so there is always (except once!) a ready supply in the freezer.

It's soothing to be in the nave, with the only light coming in through the stained glass. Mundane activities become meditative. . .

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