Sunday, November 05, 2006


Today, we'll see the matinee and final performance of the play at L's school, at which she and her quartet are performing for a dance scene.

Last night, another member (one who drives!) kindly came by at the appointed hour to pick L up and, once their scene had ended (coinciding with intermission) DRIVE HER HOME!!

D and I laid and lit a fire in the fireplace, settled in for a relaxing evening, when of course the phone rang; L found out her ride was staying for the entire thing and, as she didn't want to, asked/demanded that someone come and pick her up because she had homework to do (Saturday? hmmm).

Sigh. We let our fire die down and wended our way down the hill to school, whose parking lot was jammed to bursting. But out she trotted, right on time.

We'll all see the whole thing today. And we have to get there an hour or so early for tuning up and so forth. But D and I can walk down to the river to watch the regatta—and it's a beautiful day, with a bite in the air. L and I saw some of the activity yesterday, watching them glide under the bridge in their different jerseys (is that the correct term? costume?).

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The L-One said...

Mama, the correct word would be "spandex." As used in the sentance: "The Boy's School Boys came to our school in their spandex during assembly."
you'll laugh at middleschooldramateacher's son's performance tonight.