Wednesday, November 29, 2006

something big to come down

Since we moved here there have been many changes. Of course, the usual day-to-day shifts— moving from one grade in school to the next, a new car, new kittens to grow into grumpy cats.

There have been others; having relatives staying during Thanksiving meant remembering my mother, whose sudden death in 2001 left such a void and was such a shock that I missed most of that year.

Talking about her and other relatives has brought back my sleepwalking, which hasn't come up since right after L was born. Waking while walking in the dark is the most disorienting experience; it is eerie to suddenly come upon yourself, facing a wall in the bathroom, say, when you were otherwise engaged in your dreams. Like reawakening to a shift in your reality.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting Willow House, do post your creamers and sugar bowls they would be nice to see.
And do be careful sleep walking sounds a bit scary.