Tuesday, November 21, 2006

a lot of work

Every Thanksgiving, I find myself trying new recipes, like the new one for stuffing/dressing I made today. This involved making a pan of cornbread. Then, cutting up apples, pears, and onions; sauteing onions; adding mushrooms, sage, thyme; adding the fruit and some cranberries and cooking. Now the fruit mixture awaits meeting up with the cubed cornbread inside the turkey on Thursday. And of course, I'll make of batch of the regular Pepperidge Farm kind for those who won't try the exotic.

I also made the cranberry mixture from Gourmet and parboiled and peeled three pounds of tiny white boiling onions for creamed onions and those caramelized onions in mustard and maple syrup.

D came through the kitchen while this was going on and said, "Well, you've got most of it done!"


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Anonymous said...

I was going to say that sounds like a lot of work then I saw the title: great minds....
Reading Thanksgiving blogs makes me feel like a shirker,I hope the family doesn't read them too,