Sunday, November 19, 2006


Birds like these
are tucked away in an old biscuit tin; they were begun when my mother was a child. Now I have them; will they be completed in my lifetime, or will they go on, in their unfinished state, to haunt my daughter, to taunt? I've gotten them out to remind me of my mother, my grandmother. And to finish them, and stitch them together into a fabric that will tie up the generations.


Anonymous said...

You should finish it :)
To get ready something like that, gives so wonderful feeling.
I have done this kind of work, when I was 11-15 years old.Now my granddaughters are looking at them and asking to tell something, " when you was a child".
Have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

Well, now that you have photographed it unfinished, if you finish it, you'll have evidence of what you have accomplished.
I won't push you, though. I hate sewing...

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

There is an idea, to have this passed on generation after generation each adding their own mark.
Pass it on unfinished!