Tuesday, November 28, 2006

random thoughts and an image

I've been meaning to write about this oddity; I asked my guests during Thanksgiving if they had heard of this before (they of course living near a much more cosmopolitan city than I do) and they never had. In fact, their looks could only be described as quizzical. Let me give you a quote from our local paper from a food column that ran recently:

Using hot rocks is a new cooking method taking larger cities by storm. Restaurant X will be the only place [here] for diners to experience it. It's a process that brings certain uncooked foods to the table, where they are cooked on hot rocks tableside.

I'm not sure what this process would even look like! And what "certain uncooked foods" are they talking about? How big are the rocks? Big and flat? Many stones together?? Where's the heat source?

Also, just to give you an idea how much I detest folding and putting away laundry (strangely, I don't mind separating it and putting it in the machine and the dryer), also giving me a chance to use my camera, here is my shameful clean laundry basket. The washer is full of clean wet clothes and the dryer is full of clean dry clothes. Does anyone like to fold and put away laundry??


Anonymous said...

er...thanks but no thanks but I'll do you a swap.
In the Earth's Children series hot rocks is how cavemen cooked their food. Now that's what I call retro!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thank for visiting and sadly I have to say I love laundry. If you supply me coffee i will fold all your laundry.

Anonymous said...

Hello tut-tut,
I think ,that I know, what they are saying.
I have been in very civilized party, where on the table were front of every guest a heated stone. We really frided
on it beefsteak and everything,what was served. It was fun and everybody got just what kind steak they wanted, under or over done.
What a familiar big heap of laundry
after children`s families have gone:)

Anonymous said...

I hate folding laundry just like you. I have eaten meat cooked on a hot stone. I thinkk it was in a Korean restaurant. Was pretty good!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Laundry is my downfall!