Saturday, November 04, 2006

Stretching Beyond

I discovered the other day that a group, consisting of individuals around the globe, posts a photo a day of something to do with where they are, and the diversity and intimacy is astonishing. On November 1, some of them united to show "something that will disappear soon": I saw a cosy tea table set with an afternoon snack waiting for two boys to come home in Finland; a cigarette in an ashtray on a bar in Paris; even my city is represented! And I'm finding it a challenge to figure out where the local photos have been taken.

This is a good portal to this group. Now I'm considering a digital camera, though I want to figure out how to use my mother's old Yashika-Mat.

Otherwise, L is off to work at the libary; her quartet performs in her school's play tonight (offstage, during a dance sequence). Very demanding schedule this week, but I think it is a good thing. Tomorrow we'll see how Jane Austen has been adapted for the stage.


Kate said...

Please do join us in our daily photo group. I agree that it's wonderful to visit so many international cities.

angela said...

thanks for dropping by and leaving a message. I'm glad you liked my photos.

I'm feeling the same way about Christmas and have shortened my Christmas card list and simplified my present list: my sister in law and I decided we would buy a present of a certain value for our own kids. At least the kids get the benefit of the postal money!
Good luck with NaBloPoMo!