Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The fact is that I'm remembering my writing workshops thirteen or so years ago, going out into the snowy dusk, down one mountain and up the next, to get to the cozy living room, lit with soft light from a few table lamps. Chairs would be pushed companionably around the trunk in the middle of the room, each time holding something different: old photographs, maybe; a collection of stones and feathers; fabrics. A cup of tea, and then we'd begin, each writing in a notebook (or not writing, maybe); thinking.

Then, the most scary time: reading, which was something I couldn't do for quite some time. But I remember Laura's poems especially, and Gene's, too, of course.

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angela said...

I'm pleased that you inadvertently reminded me of copyrights. Truly.
With the whole of the internet at my disposal I do forget that some stuff does belong to other people.

The other thing is that I'd had a moan to another blogger about some of my photos being copied and pasted elsewhere. I don't mind but I would like to be asked or at least have an acknowlegement that they're mine.
I'd like to be flattered but it was a Johnny Depp fan who copied the photo of the cafe and put it on her JD blog! I figure it might seem hypocritical to do something i'd complained about. So, really, thanks,