Monday, November 27, 2006

time to think

We've bid our guests goodby; they have a six-hour drive ahead of them. But we're sorry to see them go; they are always thoughtful and up for anything. We are pretty tame here, though. Friday, we took an amble around, crossing the bridge twice:

We ended up sitting outside at a restaurant, having some appetizers and wine, then took a walk along the river.

We took a drive, ate out quite a bit, but mostly we sat around and worked on these:

L and I helped teach Sunday school; we helped girls make Anglican rosaries, which we learned quite a bit about. Then a baptism. A full day.

But our guests and we reminded each other of things our parents had done or said, so it was a nice way to reconnect with the past and keep some memories alive, which otherwise may have been in danger of disappearing.

After the whirlwind of Thanksgiving dinner, the rest of the time flowed along, nothing to eddy the currents of our visiting.

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Anonymous said...

Fine! You have pictures now. What kind of camera did you buy?
If you download Picasa , you can sharpen and resize and so on.

Enjoyable time with your camera!