Wednesday, November 03, 2010

in a pickle

well, perhaps the state's residents are now in such a condition after yesterday's election, but while the red tide rolled in, I was making the most of a lovely cauliflower.

breaking it up

Using my made-in-France-Christmas present slicer . . . which is a handy tool

hotting up the kettles; the cauliflower got blanched in the green one.

onions coming to a boil in a vinegar/sugar mixture that will pickle the cauliflower

sterilizing the jars

blanched c. in said jars, w/onion. Then pickling liquid over all. A canning funnel comes in very handy. I hadn't done this in so long, I was a bit rusty.

In the canner; do you see a face? I do . . . who is it? Protector of all canners? the Madonna?

et, voila!

all that was left, which I threw into last night's vegetable mix for supper:

Pickles have to cure for about 4 weeks; we'll see how I did . . .


mouse (aka kimy) said...


we are definitely in pickle here in ohio with the red tide voting strickland out!

seems that there are cauliflowers masquerading as brains these days...

Shammickite said...

I've never eaten pickled cauli but it does look good. But I've had it in picalilli.... if you don't know what that is, google it! My fave way to eat it is cauli with lots of cheesy sauce, I could eat that every day for dinner!
So you are blogging every day in November? Well done! I'll try that one day but not this month as I am packing for my house move, and running about like a chicken with it's head cut off. (Horrible thought!)

Kurt said...

I love pickled anything. I love those hot pickled carrots they have at Mexican restaurants. I love pickled beets.

This made me hungry.

Tinky said...

These sound really, REALLY good. Care to share the recipe (please)? I don't have any farm-fresh cauliflower left, but there is always next year!

tut-tut said...

Tinky: it's from Well-Preserved, by Eugenia Bone (maybe you know her, in your writing/cookbook circle)

JGH said...

Yum!! I am not a fan of saurkraut, but I'll eat any kind of pickle!