Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well, for the first time EVER Thanksgiving will be just D and me; L is ensconced with the Mouse hard by a Great Lake. I know she will have a wonderful time because that's just the kind of person Miss Mouse is.

However, I am still going forward with my big meal: turkey (of course), some kind of special sides, most likely from the Nov. issue of Bon Appetit (from which I already made a very jazzy cranberry sauce involving orange peel and ginger, among other exotica). I have a gnarly (and costly!) celery root to contend with, plus parsnips, turnips, carrots, and potatoes. We're big on roots this year. D got a very nice (I hope) and inexpensive Kermit Lynch rose (the one on the left) to go with it all.

photo via Kermit Lynch blog

It is strange not to have family around; I remember the first Thanksgiving we had with my mother and the rest of my family in western Mass. We had a fire going in the front parlor, as someone called it, plus the wood stoves stoked. She decorated the table with branches and dried seed pods. I remember being very overwhelmed and I wish I had a picture of it all, which I must, somewhere . . . at least I have the movie of it all in the theatre of my head.

I'm glad L is moving out into the wider world, making her own, independent memories. And I'm looking forward to some photos posted somewhere, so I can see how much fun she had.


Kurt said...

Have fun!

e said...

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving, and that L does, too!

Merle Sneed said...

Happy thanksgiving.