Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well, I don't have much to say; one of my profs said, you write so well, it's a shame you have nothing to say. So. There it is. No wonder.


Kurt said...

My professor told me "I sense that writing comes easily to you." but he didn't explain how to get people to read my writing.

Megan said...

I feel like a complete loser of a blogfriend for not being here this past month.

Although, if this post is anything to go by, I guess I didn't miss much.

*evil chuckle*

Betty Carlson said...

Ouch, no prof ever said that to me but I feel like that's what someone SHOULD have said!

So I feel like I have the same syndrome, if that's of any comfort.

And I'm blogging again on LFP! Just once a week for the moment...I think maybe I told you that.