Thursday, November 04, 2010

summer's end, after Election Day

last of the basil, to make pesto for the freezer.

I used more walnuts than pine nuts in the mix; at $39.00 a pound, pine nuts are too dear! when I'm feeling flush, I grab a handful from the bulk bin. And I'm always shocked at how much that handful costs.

I read somewhere long ago that you shouldn't add the cheese to the mix until you are ready to combine it with the pasta (or whatever). So I don't, though I don't know why that would make much of a difference, do you?


Kurt said...

It can't hurt.

JGH said...

Then I've been making it wrong all this time!

E.'s allergic to tree nuts and I don't trust pine nuts either (even though they're technically seeds) so I made pesto recently with pepitas (pumpkin seeds). I thought it was really good!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

i heard that thing about the cheese also, but i don't pay it any mind.

my pesto seems fine - fresh or frozen with the cheese added at time of preparation.

it is awful about the price of pine nuts. i though 25.99/lb was bad - but 39/lb UNBELIEVABLE!