Monday, November 29, 2010


Scarf: knitting is finished! now I have to weave in ends and block (sort of, for this pattern). I will post a pic after I've sent it off. Hope you like it, Scarf Exchangee.

yoga tomorrow; slogging through 444 page chapter, which will keep me busy for the lion's share of this week.

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mouse (aka kimy) said...

congrats on finishing the scarf!!!!!

yowser 444 pages - hope it goes unexpectedly smooth and fast.

i don't know about you but even though i'm not anxious about it being december in a couple days, i am very happy to have nablopomo end....i didn't really do anything other than post every day....well, i still have one day ....and found posting every day has made me fall behind in reading a lot of the blogs i tend to read, after all there's only so much time in a day ....and there is LIFE to take care of! but i am happy to know i could do every day that is!!!